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Archgues was founded in 1983 by Mohammed Guessous DESA architect opting for modernity and functionalism, whether to develop housing projects, office buildings or public equipments. The compelling successes of the past decade have established the firm’s credentials by reinforcing both its national and international stature.

Archgues defines architecture as "an art committed with society, the construction of the surroundings of mankind". Its foundations lie on work group and shared knowledge, with the will to go beyond individuality for the benefit of dialogue and confrontation. Thus, the addition of individual knowledge turns into wide creative potential.

Archgues brings together more than fifty people. This team of different nationalities is composed of architects, urban planners, designers and interior designers. Archgues has built itself upon the will for broad-mindedness and group philosophy.

The international presence of Archgues is particularly strong in Europe and Middle East. Archgues works with large international groups such as Mariott, Price Water House, Africa Re, Mayfair Development, Shaza Hotels, CMKD, Riviera Invest, Maersk Group, Akwa…

For several years now, Archgues has been developing additional departments such as urbanism, master planning, sustainability, engineering, interior design and landscape architecture.

Today Archgues provides integrated solutions for all types of projects.