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We know that the quality of our services depends primarily on the quality of women and men who contribute to the projects.

Therefore, we pay high attention in recruiting the best people. Graduates form most prestigious universities, with rich experiences and successful, our resources are determinate to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Hamid Guessous | DESA Architect

Hamid graduated from the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris. In the 70s, his desire for intervention and creation wins and leads him to attend Atelier De Boiscouillé where he worked with various actors in the area of spatial planning. In 1980, under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of the Kingdom of Morocco, he headed the department of Urban Planning of the City of Casablanca, while a growing population. Hamid has leaded numerous initiatives at the Urban Agency and Plans Services. In 1983, after several highly esteemed accomplishments, he founded the architectural and urban office Archgues and conducts strategic projects across the entire Maghreb. Hamid is fascinated by the structure of the body, the superposition of the logical layers and strata.
Contact : hamid.guessous@archgues.ma

Mamoune Guessous | DESA Architect

Mamoune completed his architectural studies in Paris at the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture (ESA Paris-XIV). Graduated in 2009, Mamoune quickly develops a critical eye, moving from theory to practice; and, along with his training, he multiplies many professional experiences. His collaboration within teams of Atelier BLM in France for two years gave his career an international character and allowed him to open up to other cultures and know-how. The expertise of Mamoune is characterized by a very large concern for composition and a keen sense of materials and finishes.
Contact: mamoune.guessous@archgues.ma

Mohammed Kadi | Architect - Urbanism

Mohammed received his Master in Architecture in Morocco. He joined the firm Archgues since 1985, where he participates and coordinates the various teams on all the projects of the agency. He works on both design and study phases but he also takes part to the project management of many public and private facilities projects. Mohammed is involved in major projects of the agency. He follows the ongoing projects, participates in various site meetings, coordinate stakeholders and implements quality control with particular attention to detail of achievement.
Contact : mohamed.kadi@archgues.ma

Sanaa Lahrichi | DPLG Architect

Sanaa studied architecture at the University Paris La Villette UP6. She received her degree in 1999 with a thesis in collective dwellings. Before joining Archgues agency in 2004, Sanaa has worked as an architect in Paris for Virtual Agency. She mainly worked on assignments urban renewal, acoustic treatment, restructuring of housing. Sanaa is now involved in various residential, office and hotel projects including studies and execution phases. Sanaa also has a degree in interior decorator MJM - Design in Paris.
Contact : sanaa.lahrichi@archgues.ma


Ayouba Sarr Papa
Project designer

Assya Fahd
Dena Architect

Said Moustani
Project designer

Abderrazak Mansouri
Project designer

Hajar Lakssir
Interior designer

Abdeljalil Ouqfi
Graphic designer

Redouane Abaz
Graphic designer

Halima Sabiri
Executive assistant